Our Approach

Our mission is to provide an affordable and fun way to experience all that Alaska has to offer. Renting a campervan from Northern Access will allow you to cover as much of Alaska’s incredible terrain as possible, at a lower price and increased mobility as compared to an RV.

Our Story

As life long Alaskans, we have traveled all over Alaska, primarily camping in tents or in the back of a truck. When we began traveling internationally in the search of even more adventure, we were introduced to the campervan. We have been as far south as Argentina and as far north as Iceland. These trips were incredible and what really made the adventures we experienced possible was the ease, mobility and flexibility of the campervans we rented along the way.

Meet the Team

Northern Access was co-founded by Dana Wright and Jenna Wamsganz, with the helpful support of Zoie, Jaxon and Rowdy.

Crow Pass
Zoie, Jaxon and Rowdy



The Wolfpack

A life long Alaskan with a love for camping, running, mountain biking, hiking, playing drums, back-country snowboarding and adventuring in Alaska.

A life long Alaskan with a love for hiking, rock climbing, camping, yoga, splitboarding, mountain biking and cooking produce from the local farmer’s market.

Jaxon’s, Zoie’s & Rowdy’s primary duties consist of keeping morale high and ensuring there are no left over food scraps around the office.